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1401 Budinger Ave. Ste. B. St. Cloud, FL 34769
Scheduling: (407) 738-7412

Office Visit - Call for pricing
Each new patient visit includes a step-by-step process that includes a consultation, examination, diagnosis, assessment and a treatment plan custom tailored to you.  Most insurance plans accepted. Call us to have your benefits verified.

Administrative fees (for letters of medical necessity, filling out paperwork for disability, etc.)

Why Acupuncture?
​Frequently Asked Questions
Conditions Acupuncture Can Treat
Men's Health
$20-$35 Vitamin B12  Injections  (click link to find out if B12 is right for you)
$35-$45 Lipotropic Injections 
Injection Therapy -  Fees based on insurance coverage
Homeopathic injections available for: Anxiety, ADD, arthritis, nerve damage/nerve pain, psoriasis, eczema, flu & cold, muscle spasms and cramps, detoxification, infection and more.

*Please be advised that all new patients must have an office visit/new patient evaluation before receiving any injections. Your health and safety is our priority. 

Cupping Therapy
$45-$90 Click here for more information

Massage Therapy 
$25+ Tension Tamer (head, neck and shoulders) 25 min. Great for headache sufferers
$35    Hand and foot massage 25 min.
$45+ Swedish Massage (full body)
$65+ Prenatal Massage (full body)
$65+ Deep tissue
$45+ Therapeutic (medical) massage. 30 minutes. Also available in 60 and 90 minutes.
$45    Kinesiology Taping
$45+ Lymphatic drainage. 30 minutes. Available in 60 and 90 minutes.
$10+ CBD Oil add-on to any massage
​Establishment License No. MM32176  

Weight Loss

*IVF support as of 12/10/2016 we no longer offer IVF support. We refer out to those specializing in IVF support.

Fire Cupping
Hot Stone Massage
Ear Candle equpiment
Injection therapy
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Disclaimer & Notification of no health claims or other representations Herbal products are food supplements. All statements made describing all products that are sold and or distributed by East Lake Acupuncture, LLC have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All herbal and homeopathic products sold by East Lake Acupuncture, LLC are not meant to treat, cure or prevent disease. Under no circumstances does East Lake Acupuncture, LLC imply that all (any) products and formulas are meant to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. It is advisable to always check supplement ingredients against medications and other supplements for contraindications. Herb and Supplement Caution. Use caution when taking supplements or herbs if you are on blood thinners, are pregnant or nursing or suffer from diseases or conditions including but not limited to hypertension and diabetes. 
Things you need to know:
Are you taking any other herbs, supplements or natural remedies? They could interact or you may be taking too much. Herbs can heal and herbs can harm. Be informed. Research herbs and supplements before taking them. 
Are you taking any prescription or nonprescription medications? If so, they may interact with herbs or supplements and should be checked for interactions.
Some herbs and supplements are mild blood thinners and should not be taken if you are on blood thinners or should be taken with caution. This includes but is not limited to fish oils and many herbal supplements for pain.
Some herbs and supplements could cause changes in blood pressure and those suffering from high or low blood pressure should closely monitor their levels daily.
Some herbs and supplements are not safe for pregnant women or those who are breastfeeding. Please check the labels before purchasing herbs and supplements.
In very high doses most herbs can have adverse effects. Please follow dosage guidelines. 
Like drugs, herbs can have side effects such as digestive upset, sedation and more. 
There a number of online resources to check herb-drug interactions including but not limited to http://reference.medscape.com/drug-interactionchecker.